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Financial Solution

Our network of payment terminals lowers the cost of in-person payments and enhances the customer experience. Customers who use our machines report greater satisfaction and find the process to be fast, convenient and easy. Enter their personal information, allowing to verify their identities in real-time. Once the consumer is authenticated, a membership card and PIN are issued for use in future automated check-cashing transactions.    

This is the most advanced financial processing system available, loaded with the latest security features. You get all the high-level security of a bank or lockbox in an intuitive, automated system that's easy to use – for you and your customers. 

Payment kiosks allow people to pay by card or cash.  Options include money out, change handling, NFC, printers, cameras. A modular payment device that supports three cashless transaction methods (contact, magnetic stripe and contactless).

Accept contact EMV chip cards as well as NFC mobile payments solutions like Apple Pay. A combination of several devices into one that could allow anyone to turn physical cash into digital money (BitCoin, Paypal, etc.), make a payment, or simply just send money in a safe, effective and fast way!

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