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Shenzhen Diversity Kiosk Technology Co.,Ltd.

Self-service kiosk is all about customization, which happens to be our specialty, Diversity Kiosk meets diverse requirements all the time just like its name indicates.


Chief Designer--Jim

Jim who has been working on self-service kiosk as a designer for 12 years, is responsible of main design in Diversity Kiosk, he is one of the most senior and famous designer in China kiosk field, more than 1000 models was designed and went on production by his hand.

His focusing on details and following up standard criteria matches with the fundamental idea of Diversity Kiosk Company perfectly, satisfies by partners and leads us to further achievement.


Head Engineer--Jacky

Starting from a QC(Quality Control) at first benefits not only his career as technical support engineer, after-sale service engineer later ,now chief engineer of R&D department, but also Diversity Kiosk’s fundamental goal which is never stop pursuing better solution and better product for partners.

Now after 10 years’ practicing, he can easily manage all kinds of required solutions like cash and cashless transaction, ID verification, outdoor application, tickets vending, healthcare, information checking.

Jacky makes up his mind of being the gatekeeper of kiosk quality in our factory, which means he knows every module, every possible issue, more importantly he always know what are and how to use the best to make products better.

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