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When it comes to payment, people have a greater freedom of choice than ever before. Consumers can pay in physical, electronic and digital form and there is an expanding market for public currencies as well as private payment methods. Accordingly, all payment forms are on the rise globally in absolute terms, And across all these payment forms, DK enables secure and convenient transactions.continually striving for greater efficiency, security, and flexibility.

R&D Work

Modular Design

Hardware Integration

Software Development

Security and Stability Test

On Field Deployment


Since 2015,DK designs,manufactures,integrates complete self-service kiosks for various applications, ranges from Banking, Retail ,Transaction, Crypton Selling & Buying, Forex Currency Exchange,Pay Station for Car Parking & Wash,to Public Services like Tele-consultant and Telemedicine,DMV,Ticketing at users’ conveniences.

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Our Customers

Our customers are gradually covering various parts of the world and developing agents in North America, Southeast Asia, and Western Europe.

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Experience in integrated software and hardware solutions of Self Service Kiosk products over 10 years,with software education background,and hardware expertise.
Calie Law
Project Manager & Co-Partner, Diversity kiosk.

Manufacturing Facilities

DK fabrication factory Certified by ISO9001:2015 ,products with CE approval,we design in enclosure & plastic molding,produce cabinet,maintance in hardware,upgrade in software in house.All in All,you can find flexible and reliable market-ready payment platforms here with DK.

Complete Machine
Assembly & Test line

Parts Quality
Inspection Line

Assembly Line

Polish Workshop

Welding & Soldering

Bending Machine

Pump Press

Laser Cutter

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