Diversity Kiosk provides banks with complete cash management solutions, including customized ATMs and VTMs, ATM software services, cash sorting lines, etc.

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Bank Cash Management Solutions

Managing cash is a critical and difficult task for cash management departments and treasury departments as fulfillment/cash delivery and recording have to be done manually.
Our cash management solution, All records of cash flow can be made automatically, can ensure the bank handles cash with maximum efficiency, meet the requirements of the bank or cash processing center to hand over to the superior bank and add cash to the ATM, so as to help the bank optimize the cash mobility and improve processing efficiency.

ATMs designed for banks and financial institutions

Diversity Kiosk aims to provide financial institutions with better ATMs, making ATMs easier to maintain while reducing overall costs. Diversity Kiosk puts customers first in the design concept, making the operation of ATM machines easier and bringing new experiences to customers.


1、Rich Experience

Diversity Kiosk has more than 20 years of experience in ATM design, manufacturing, and software development, and provides ATM customization services according to the actual needs of banks. Provide users with a premium human-computer interaction experience with a multi-touch display, integrated contactless card reader, and dynamically adjustable media entry and exit indicators.

2、Low Cost

ATM service hours are long. Diversity Kisok’s ATM has a market-leading cash box capacity, prolongs the use time, reduces maintenance times and costs, and keeps the ATM online longer.




ATMs at Diversity Kisok have built-in security. The combination of integrated micro switches with cash exit and consumer portrait cameras protects your equipment from cash trap attacks and transaction reversal fraud. With the latest Anti-fishing and anti skimming Feature, protect yourself from bank card fraud



VTM is a remote bank established by using real-time audio and video communication technology, big data, and biometric technology to integrate ATM and bank counter manual services.
VTM achieves more comprehensive services with a smaller space, and almost all banking services can be implemented on VTM. In the future, VTM will replace most physical banks.

Base version Machine

Commonly used services:bank card issuance, card/passbook inquiry, transfer, password change, activation, loss reporting, unreporting, passbook replacement, etc.
Signing business: online banking, e-banking signing, wealth management fund purchase, third-party services, etc.
Remote business: support remote customer service guidance and semi-entrustment mode
Other functions: barcode scanning, biometric identification, personal details printing, etc.

Standard Machine

Commonly used services: bank card issuance, card/passbook inquiry, transfer, password change, activation, loss report, unreporting, passbook replacement, etc.

Cash business: high-speed deposit and withdrawal of large and small cash by card/passbook, corporate deposit, banknote exchange, compulsory deposit, etc.

Contract business: online banking, e-bank contract, wealth management fund purchase, third-party service, etc.

Remote business: Support remote customer service guidance and other functions of the semi-entrusted mode: barcode scanning, biometrics, personal details printing, receipt printing, deposit receipt business check business, etc.

Banknote Sorting Automation System

Diversity Kiosk provides fully automatic banknote packaging solutions for financial institutions such as the central bank and commercial banks, which not only improves the efficiency of banknote processing, but also improves the security of the process. Its modular design can configure the most efficient and economical banknote packaging solution according to the use site