Automated kiosks and real-time transaction monitoring,Explore our advanced, reliable and secure casino cash handling, redemption and jackpot kiosks that are powered by our proprietary management system.

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Product Background

In a gambling establishment, customers are required to pay wagers and claim jackpot winnings, but some customers may fail to bring cash and require cashless payment methods. Moreover, customers have to go to different windows for cash handling, redemption and jackpot claim, which leads to long queues and ultimately reduces the gaming time. Additionally, lack of timely information and audio-visual equipment makes it difficult for customers to watch real-time game and place bets. Furthermore, the limited food and beverage options, inadequate seating arrangements, poor ventilation and air conditioning systems result in poor customer experience. Additionally, inconsistent internet connectivity for online gaming options results in unpredictable and unstable service for customers. Overall, insufficient staff and support services lead to longer wait times for customer service inquiries or assistance.

Product Introduction

Our latest 3 in 1 self-serve kiosk automation and the casino industry’s , most advanced, reliable and secure casino Online bets, Ticket redemption&jackpot,Bill breaking  kiosk available.

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Diversity Kiosk not only offers casino ATMs but also provides Self-service Membership Card Registration and Cash Deposit Machines. These facilities provide a complete cash management service for casino operators. Members of the casino can easily apply for a membership card and enjoy related privileges and benefits. Additionally, the presence of cash deposit machines allows casino operators to conveniently manage and handle cash flow. These convenient facilities make the operation of the casino more efficient and seamless, providing a better experience for both players and operators.

Traditional Cash Transactions

Diversity Kiosk enables guests to easily, quickly, and securely complete ATM, credit and debit cash advance, and check cashing transaction at the kiosk or stand-alone ATM. Our Transaction Rescue feature is proven to complete more guest transactions.

Guest and Employee Management

Our self-service membership card kiosk utilizes intelligent technology, enabling customers to complete the application and issuance process within minutes. There is no need to wait in queues or fill out cumbersome paper forms, saving customers time and effort.

The self-service membership card kiosk features a user-friendly interface design that simplifies the process. Even customers who are not tech-savvy can easily navigate the system. Customers only need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the membership card application and personal information input.

By using the self-service membership card kiosk, customers directly input their personal information into the system, reducing the possibility of human error during manual data entry. This ensures data accuracy and prevents inaccuracies or omissions in membership card information caused by human mistakes.

 The self-service membership card kiosk employs advanced security measures to protect customers’ personal information. Data transmission is encrypted to prevent information leakage. Additionally, the system can provide privacy screens to prevent others from viewing sensitive information entered by customers during the process.

The self-service membership card kiosk operates round the clock, without any time limitations. Customers can visit at any time, whether during the day or at night, to apply for membership cards, offering convenience and flexibility.

Cage Cash Transactions

cash deposit machines automatically accept and verify players’ cash deposits, reducing the manual workload required by cashiers. This significantly saves time and human resources while enhancing overall casino operations efficiency.

cash deposit machines accurately calculate and record each player’s deposit amount, minimizing the risk of human errors. This means that casinos can manage and track cash flow more accurately, reducing the potential for theft and discrepancies.

cash deposit machines offer advantages in terms of security and confidentiality. They are typically equipped with advanced security features such as password protection and protective shields, ensuring the security of the deposit process. Moreover, cash deposit machines generate detailed deposit records and reports, assisting casino operators in better cash flow management and financial auditing.

What can our casino self- service Kiosk offer?


Marketing suite helps you create, manage, and track your marketing efforts to ensure maximum revenue generation. Increase amenity utilization, enhance customer satisfaction, and streamline your promotional offerings using the industry’s most advanced marketing toolset.

Slot Management

Manager offers a solution to remotely change casino floor mix based on market conditions and demographics that will grow business and maximize performance.

Table Management

Table Manager is the most advanced and flexible table game solution in the industry. It reduces most pencil-to-paper tasks while maximizing comping accuracy, increasing productivity, and delivering compelling bonusing to table players.

Cage and Table Accounting

Processing table information, including markers, front money, chips, checks, foreign currency exchanges and inventories, is simple with a user-friendly, touchscreen interface.


Cashless payment solutions for modern business operations.


With Mobile solution, your players and employees will have new and innovative ways to interact.