Payment Solutions/Cash Management for the  whole Retail Industry

Payment Solutions/Cash Management for the  whole Retail Industry

POS —->grocery store;ordering —-> restaraunt;cash machine —-> cashier desk of  retail;smart safts —-> back office of retail

POS stands for Point of Sale, which refers to the physical location and time at which a product is sold. Typically, POS refers to the computer software and hardware system used during product sales. This system includes devices such as barcode scanners, cash registers, credit card processors, and printers that are used to process transactions, record inventory, generate reports, and manage customer data. POS systems are an important component of the retail industry because they can help store owners better manage and control their business operations.

Our Services and Solutions

grocery store;ordering
EcoCash-cash management:
Cash Machine/Cash Recycler/Cash Deposit and Withdraw/Cash Desk/Cash Register

Cash management by cashiers refers to the proper handling and control of cash during transactions, such as accepting payments from customers, processing cash, and providing change. The goal is to ensure the safety and accuracy of cash in the store.

With EcoCash, set owners of retail stores, fast food stores, hair salons from money loss, transaction accounting work, human mistakes, labor shortages, it works both banknotes and coins for all kinds of currencies from the world.
This cash handling machine enhances the customer experience while increasing operational efficiencies

  • Built In Cash Management Software or API integrated with current POS Systems
  • Ready to Use,plug and play device
  • Avoid Cash theft,high cash security
  • Cash touch free,cash untouchable,reduce cash transmit
  • Less human errors,Less stress for employees
  • 24/7 hours fully self cash payment solution
  • Cash management and track with details,ie.:coins quantity,notes quantity
  • Dual screen:touchable one for cashier,displaying one for customer
  • Full payment method:cash and cashless(as optional) combined in one machine

Restaraunt;cash machine
At the same time, we have also installed ordering software on the same machine.

The customer tells what he wants,cashier type,system calculate the total amount,customer insert cash,get changes and receipt
You can add/edit/delete product with pic,price,details ect and plug machine, which you can use directly
2.Built-in ordering software
3. Backend management software
4. Check sales reports remotely
5. POS for bank card payment

What is smart safes?
1.A smart safe is an automated system that makes the ongoing handling and management of paper currency simpler and more efficient.
2.Smart safes:Perspective of storage and cash tracking.
3.Smart safes are meant for back-office activities
4.Smart safes set aside some of the cash that’s stored for bank deposit needs

Coin Deposit Machine
An automated system that makes the ongoing handling and management of coin currency simpler and more efficient.

Cash Deposit Machine
An automated system that makes the ongoing handling and management of notes currency simpler and more efficient.

Back office of retail
Cash Deposit Machine/Kiosk/ATM/Smart Safes;(Coins and Notes Counting )Retail Back Office,Central Bank for Retail,Cash Recycling,TCR Machine,Teller Cash Recycles.

Central banks or commercial cash centers of any size, casinos, bank branches or back offices in retail

Whether at central banks or commercial cash centers of any size, casinos, bank branches or back offices in retail, we offer outstanding reliability, efficiency, and security in every processing step – from banknote assessment to sorting.
In addition, all systems feature precise, high-end sensors, a long-life cycle including a broad range of services, ease-of-use and scalability ensuring a first-rate cost/benefit ratio.
A fully integrated packaging system further enhances efficiency, in a design distinguished by clean lines and intuitive operation.

Cash Automation:It refers to using specialized technology to count, dispense, and manage cash, to improve accuracy and reduce the costs associated with manual cash handling.

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