Q1: Can I get samples from your factory?
A: Yes, sample is availble, customization with your own branding acceptable too.

Q2: If products have some quality problem, how would you deal with?
A: We will guide you to find the problems,fix it or disassemble and send to us for repairing or replacement,DK is fully responsible for all the quality problems.

Q3: What’s the delivery time ?
A: 1 week for standard machines,4 for massive orders,5 weeks for sample building.

Q4: What kind of certificate you have ?
A: CE and ISO9001.

Q5: Do you develope the software ?
A: Yes,software team programmed banking core system sincec year 2004,now expanded to any finance or payment solutions,including web portable,integrated software,backend management server,IOS and Android APP,in Jave,C#,C++ language.

Q6: How do you work with quality control?
A: We use worldwide reputable modules for cash like Glory,Fujitsu,MEI,JCM,ITL;printers like Custom,Star;Scanner like Honeywell;Bank certificated Industrial PC and card reader,lifespan of our machines goes to 10 years at least.