The Convenience of a Car Wash Pay Station from Diversity Kiosk

With over 15 years of professional experience, Diversity Kiosk is a leading custom production factory specializing in advanced solutions. One of their exceptional products is the car wash pay station, which offers a range of features designed to provide convenience and ease of use for both customers and operators.

car wash pay station

nmanned Check-in and Car Wash System:
The car wash pay station from Diversity Kiosk introduces an unmanned check-in process, making it hassle-free for customers. By simply driving up to the station, drivers can initiate the car wash process without the need for manual assistance. This innovative system saves time and ensures a seamless experience.



Support for Cash and Credit Card Payment:
To cater to different payment preferences, Diversity Kiosk’s car wash pay station offers support for both cash and credit card transactions. Customers can conveniently pay using cash, while credit card payments are easily processed through the secure payment gateway integrated into the system.

Membership-Based License Plate Registration:

Diversity Kiosk understands the importance of customer loyalty and offers a membership-based license plate registration feature. By registering for a membership, customers can enjoy exclusive benefits such as discounted rates, priority service, and personalized settings.

Automatic Recognition of Membership License Plates:
The car wash pay station utilizes cutting-edge camera technology to automatically recognize membership license plates. This eliminates the need for customers to remember personal identification numbers or carry membership cards. The system seamlessly identifies registered members and applies their desired settings.

Convenient Machine Design:
One of the standout features of Diversity Kiosk’s car wash pay station is its design that conforms to different car heights. Regardless of whether it’s a sedan, SUV, or even a larger vehicle, the machine’s adjustable design ensures optimal positioning for effective cleaning. Additionally, the driver can conveniently operate the pay station through the car window, further enhancing convenience and user-friendliness.

Diversity Kiosk, with its extensive experience in the industry, offers an outstanding car wash pay station that combines convenience, efficiency, and advanced features. From unmanned check-in to cash and credit card payment support, membership-based license plate registration to automatic recognition, this product caters to the needs of both customers and operators alike. With Diversity Kiosk’s car wash pay station, enjoy the ultimate car wash experience without any complications or hassle.

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